Knee Replacement in Kandivali By Dr. Kunal Patel
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Knee Replacement in Kandivali

Knee Replacement in Kandivali By Dr. Kunal Patel

Knee replacement is a surgery in which damaged surface of your knee is replaced by material.  That material is made up of plastic and metallic elements. Doctors replace damaged surface with this material for continuing flexible motion of knee. This surgery helps you in performing simple activities like walking, climbing stairs etc. Knee replacement is performing due to pain in knee joints or other knee diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

There are many knee replacement specialists in Kandivali. But to get proper and quality treatment with affordable rates is hard. Dr. Kunal Patel is here to gives you best and specialist knee replacement surgery in low cost. He performs knee replacement in Kandivali. He is best orthopaedic surgeon and consultant. He had great experience in his orthopaedic field. According to him precautions after knee replacement surgery are:

  • you should not pivot or twist on the involved leg for at least six weeks
  • when lying in bed, you should keep the involved knee as straight as possible
  • Kneeling and squatting also should be avoided
  • Avoid unnecessary stress on your knee

Dr. Kunal Patel and his whole quality staff make their full efforts to treat their patients best. There are many people who continually suffering from knee pain. They also feel uncomfortable while waking, climbing upstairs, running etc. They have to consider for orthopaedic specialist for consultation.

According to Dr. Kunal’s experience Total knee replacement should be considered when :

  • You have severe knee pain
  • The pain interferes with your daily activities (activities can range from walking in the house, to performing sports/cultural arts for highly active people)
  • You have deformity/bending of the knee
  • You have instability/feeling of give away while walking (increases chances of a fall)
  • You have to take pain killers regularly for pain relief
  • Pain is not controlled with medicines and exercises


You can book your appointment  online or on just simple phone call. Dr. Kunal Patel and his team is always to treat, advise you best.




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