10 Myths and Facts About Knee Replacement Surgery
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10 Myths and Facts About Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is only undertaken when the patient is severely incapacitated. However, several fallacies obstruct the surgical process, and many patients are afraid of knee replacement surgery. This may be remedied if you have a comprehensive grasp of the procedure with the help of the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai and are well-versed in all aspects of the procedure.

Myths and Facts About Knee Replacement Surgery

#1. Myth: After surgery, you won’t be able to bend as much as you used to.

Fact: This myth is untrue because you can comfortably aim for knee bending and do it flexibly even after surgery, and there will be no restrictions on your knee movement.

#2. Myth: Infections have the potential to invade the body.

Fact: Many people are apprehensive of surgery because they feel they may become contaminated due to the insertion of foreign metal, which might cause infection. The myth is false because artificial joints are made of certain metals compatible with the human body.

#3. Myth: The operation is only for people of a certain age.

Many people feel that this procedure is reserved for adults, but it is not. Anyone of any age can have it done, and it’s all about people who have impaired knees and need to get them corrected through surgery.

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Myth #4: It can’t be done twice.

Fact: Another fallacy that has kept many people from getting their knees fixed through surgery is that they cannot do it again. If the condition isn’t resolved right away, the surgery can be repeated.

Myth #5: It is excruciatingly painful.

Patients do not experience any pain during or after the treatment because it is minimally invasive. Before surgery, pre-anesthesia is given to the patients to avoid an uncomfortable experience.

Myth #6: Surgery is only effective for a short time.

Fact: Today, smart robotic aided procedures are effective and can last for long periods without causing any issues. The time it takes for a person to survive has dramatically risen.

Myth #7: Having diabetes and high blood pressure can prevent you from having surgery.

Fact: Anyone can have surgery and expect a faster recovery regardless of pre-existing ailments.

#8. Myth: After surgery, certain activities such as driving are forbidden. 

Fact: Because there is no applied pressure on the knees, you can drive safely even after surgery.

Myth #9: Recovery takes longer.

Fact: The recovery depends on the quality of the procedure. So, if you get it done by the top surgeons, you can get it done as soon as feasible.

#10. Myth: You may require rehabilitation following surgery.

Fact: If you follow some expert guidance, you will be aware of specific exercises and will not require the services of a physiotherapist.

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