4 Myths You Heard About Knee Replacement Surgery
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4 Myths You Heard About Knee Replacement Surgery

Chronic knee pain is a prevalent problem in men and women with passing age. Due to this issue, the person cannot do simple movements like walking up stairs or sitting on a low chair. In this situation, you indeed feel discouraged as you cannot perform various activities.

Most people think that taking rest will relieve the pain, but after some, it starts again. The solution to this problem is knee replacement. Knee replacement surgery reduces pain and improves living standards as you can do various work yourself. But many patients are confused about whether to go for it or not.

The reason is they are grabbed by various myths, due to which they don’t get ready for surgery. So, let’s debunk those myths with the help of the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai: –

Knee replacement surgery is only for older age people

The best experts state that there are no restrictions on total knee replacement surgery based on age. That means every individual can go for this surgery, as it depends upon the pain and disability of the person. 

In short, knee replacement surgery can be performed at all ages.

The success rate of the surgery is low.

According to the latest report, the overall success rate of knee replacement surgery is 95% in the maximum number of patients. Keeping this in mind, it is an effective treatment after which the patient can do various household chores comfortably without any problem.

It can last for only ten years.

It is a myth because, with the improved quality of surgery and advanced techniques, this surgery can last for many years.

Knee replacement surgery means many months in bed.

Again it is just a myth, as many patients start doing various knee exercises just after surgery. The best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai will teach some of the best exercises to the patients to strengthen their legs and restore their previous movements.

The bottom line

So, don’t be fooled by any of the fake news and myths related to knee replacement surgery. But if you have doubts, consult your doctor, as they will help you to turn your myths and facts.

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