5 Signs You Need to See a Bone Doctor Right Away
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5 Signs You Need to See a Bone Doctor Right Away

Do you have consistent back and knee pain daily? Are you dealing with frozen shoulders? Is stiffness in legs, elbow, knee or shoulder contributing to sleepless nights? Well, it’s time to head to the bone doctor, or a bone specialist in Mumbai.

Certain bone injuries are healed by itself, but not all exactly. Some bone issues tend to go worse with time as you skip diagnosis and early checkups. Most of the time the symptoms you experience are very common whilst, in other scenarios, an abnormal sensation kicks in and here’s how they may feel like – 

Chronic Pain:

Sudden injuries accompanied by chronic pain are a sign that something isn’t well with your body. However, the pain can be short-term or lasting, but both are signaling something worse with bone health.  

Possibly the bone has been dislocated or the joint has been jammed if the pain was short-lasting, but the issue is persistent now. In other scenarios, fracture and wear and tear of ligaments, tissue can lead to long-term pain. 

Persistent Pain When Resting:

Any discomfort in the body while you sleep could be an alarming sign that soon you must schedule a visit to a bone specialist. Maybe the issue exists in your back, hip joints or stiff legs. 

Inability to Move Body Features:

Some bone health issues are born either by bad habits or they may be a cause of aging. Such as, if you are unable to move your ankles, wrist, knees or any joint, be careful now. 

According to bone specialists in Mumbai, frozen joints are common issues nowadays. And if early treatment isn’t considered, joints can be permanently frozen. 


In most events, unexpected fluctuation in the body temperature is seen. Muscle strain, bone infections can also cause illness and fever-like symptoms in the body. 

It happens because during such instances the fighting agents inside the body are actively responding to the internal damages and injuries in the joints. 

Swollen Joints:

Inflamed or swollen joints are the most common sign of bone issue, but abnormal if the inflammation is accompanied by a severe pain. 

This condition most commonly occurs due to increase in activity level, overuse or excess weight lifting. If you are also experiencing any of these signs, delay no more. Reach out to Mumbai’s Dr Kunal Patel center where we make the fastest recovery of patients from underlying bone issues.

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