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best knee doctor in Mumbai

Best Doctor for Partial Knee Replacement in Mumbai

There could be many reasons for your knee pain, it could be the Arthritis, internal injury or it can be due to ageing.  But some patients stats feeling pain at an early age and it should be treated on time because if left untreated It could give you serious damage to your knee. Knee pain can lead to major surgeries that’s why you need an experienced doctor who had years of expertise in treating patients and dr Kunal Patel is considered as the best knee doctor in Mumbai. 

Why dr Kunal Patel is best knee doctor in Mumbai? 

When you’re up for the surgery you need someone who already had years of experience in surgeries and dr Kunal Patel is the specialist of the orthopedic. He has the highest success rate in surgeries and does many complex surgeries like knee replacement surgery, partial knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, also treat problems related to back and consult trauma patients. 

Dr Kunal Patel is the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai which helped many old and young patients to get relief from their pain. It is important to treat your knee-related problem on time if not then it could give your knee permanent damage.  

This doctor also offers many health programs which help the patient to recover fast one of the programs is rapid recovery program in which he helped the knee patient to recover within the 1 or 2 weeks after the major knee replacement surgery. 

He is the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai which offers all the facility and handles every patient politely by providing full information about the procedure of surgery. All he does at a very reasonable price. 

When you should Go for partial knee replacement: 

  • Most of the time knee pain goes away with time but if it doesn’t after you’ve tried all the medication and exercise procedure then you need to seek a doctor. 
  • If the pain is increasing day by day. 
  • When you start feeling pain while doing simple tasks like walking, sitting and standing. 
  • When the motion range of the knee starts getting restricted. 
  • Feeling continous pain in your knee 

Procedure of partial knee replacement: 

First of all, the doctor will diagnose your knee , if the damage of the knee is less then they’ll go for partial knee replacement and if damage is adverse than full knee replacement is to be done. 

That’s why it’s always recommended that you should go to the doctor when you first started seeing any symptom. In a partial knee replacement, the doctor only replaces one component of the knee with the artificial one.

Before the procedure doctors will give you the anaesthesia which will block all the pain. After anaesthesia, you won’t feel any pain during the procedure and you’ll be in asleep. 

  • Now a few tests of the knee are taken by the doctors before the operation to check if there is any extra damage to the knee or not, if they found any damage then whole knee joint is to be replaced if not then normal partial knee replacement is done.
  • Now surgeon eliminates the arthritic portion of the knee along with bone and cartilage.
  • A part made up of plastic and metal is placed into the knee.
  • After the part is in the proper place, it is attached with bone cement.
  • Then the open wound is closed with the stitches. 

In the partial knee replacement surgery patient recovers faster than the total knee replacement surgery. 

Patient starts doing normal activity within 1-2 weeks. Partial knee replacement is also a less painful procedure as compared to total knee replacement.  

At the End:

If you’re looking for best doctor for Partial Knee Replacement in Mumbai then Dr Kunal Patel is the Best Knee doctor in Mumbai who helped many patients and has years of experience. Don’t wait for long as you already know you can avoid permanent damage to your knee by treating them on time. To know more visit dr Kunal Patel website: 

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