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Best Frozen Shoulder Treatment In Mumbai – Dr Kunal Patel

Life was going good; you had a wonderful time with your friends, cousins, kids or grandkids until one day, you began sensing stiffness in your shoulder, or maybe it was frozen. 

You tried to move your arm and shoulder, but nothing worked out. 

Unfortunately, you have run into a problem that has widened its reach to over 99% of families – the frozen shoulders – a crisis on your shoulder’s mobility. 

You might have tied good expectancies with pain relievers such as ibuprofen, hoping that they may relieve pain. A range of motion exercise sometimes shows results. 

But despite figuring out tons of techniques and methods, if your shoulder is still and is obstructing your day-to-day activities. Look no further. 

It’s time to reach out to the best orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai – Dr Kunal Patel. 

An orthopaedic surgeon is an ultimate answer to all those queries popping up in your mind right now. They are specialized in restoring the shoulder’s normal range of motions and bringing that life back you were used to telling – the best. 

What is Covered in the Frozen Shoulder Treatment By an Orthopedic Surgeon?

Diagnosis First:

Diagnosis is the mainstream segment of the entire process of shoulder treatment. The orthopaedic surgeon conducts a physical examination of the patient first. Meanwhile, your arm’s motion and functionality are thoroughly inspected. 

After that, an imaging test such as X-rays, MRI and Ultrasound – is conducted to figure out the problem. Once the problem and its location within the shoulder come to light, a patient is headed to the treatment area. 

The Treatment Part: 

An Orthopedic Surgeon promises the resolution of your frozen shoulder with almost 99% relief. If no therapy, steroids or exercises is showing results, surgery is the ultimate solution, and you must trust on it. 

Especially when surgeons like Dr Kunal Patel are there to give you the best shoulder pain treatment in Mumbai, worry no more. The treatment starts with anesthesia, and after carrying out shoulder arthroscopy, the treatment is completed.  

The goal is to stretch and release a stiffened joint capsule and return your shoulder to all the motions and activities that you enjoy. 


Once the surgery is successfully done, physical therapy is advised to the patient. This is for the reason of recovering motion in the shoulder. However, it may take up to 6 weeks to 3 months to get fully recovered as it is a slow process. Till then, necessary precautions, medications and exercises are advised. 

Why Struggle With A Frozen Shoulder? It Can Still Work

As soon as the trouble of your frozen shoulder doubles or triples, head to the best orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai – Dr Kunal Patel. 

We are one of the best orthopaedic surgeons certified by most patients in Mumbai and across the region. If the shoulder is frozen, don’t take it too easy. 

You still have a long life, incomplete tasks and some important things left you have ever dreamed of doing in your life. So make sure the frozen shoulder isn’t an obstruction. 

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