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Best knee replacement doctor Mumbai

Best knee replacement doctor Mumbai

Are you suffering from knee pain? Do you want to consult with the doctor for your knee pain? Are you scared from surgery? Then you must consult Dr. Kunal Patel. You come at the right place because Dr. Kunal Patel is here to help you. Basically, he is best orthopedic surgeon as well as orthopedic consultant in Mumbai. He guides and treats you best within your niche.

Dr. Kunal Patel is the best knee replacement doctor Mumbai. He is specialist for knee replacement surgery. With knee replacement he is also well known for hip replacement,  knee arthroscopy and shoulder arthroscopy. He has an experience of many years in his field.

The knee is the largest joint in the body and having healthy knees is required to perform most everyday activities. Knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve pain and disability. It is usually necessary when the knee joint is worn or damaged to the extent that your mobility is reduced and you experience pain even while resting.

Knee replacement surgery is a major surgery so it is recommended only when other treatment such as physiotherapy or steroid injections doesn’t helps you to relief in pain. In knee replacement surgery, there are two types of surgeries depending upon the condition of the knee:

  • Total knee Replacement surgery: Both sides of your knee joint are replaced with the artificial material.
  • Partial knee Replacement surgery: Only one side of your knee joint is replaced.

According to Dr. Kunal, Knee replacement surgery should be considered when:

  • Your pain persists or recurs over time.
  • You have difficulty getting in and out of chairs
  • You feel a decrease in knee motion or the degree to which you’re able to bend your knee
  • Your knee aches during and after exercise
  • You feel pain in rainy weather
  • Your knees are stiff or swollen
  • The pain prevents you from sleeping
  • You have difficulty walking or climbing stairs

For book an appointment give a call to Dr. Kunal Patel @+91-(22)-2805 3021.

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