Best surgeon for hip replacement in Mumbai
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best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai

Best surgeon for hip replacement in Mumbai

Every year many people do hip replacement surgery due to Arthritis. Patient can be suffering from pain and moments of the hip joint may be restricted up to some point. Your hip joint is a ball and socket joint that attaches the leg to the body. This joint plays a very important role in the moment of the legs, and your upper body. Pain in your hip joint can affect your body badly. If you want to get relief from pain and wondering which is the best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai then dr Kunal Patel is the best and well known for highly successful orthopedic operations. 

Hip replacement surgery process: 

Hip replacement surgery is a major operation and requires the best doctor team to perform the surgery. If you’re looking for hip replacement in Mumbai then you must take consideration from dr Kunal Patel which is the best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai. 

Your hip mainly consists of two parts like ball and socket which connect your upper body and leps.

The femoral head of the top of the leg and acetabulum in your pelvis cartilage between the femoral head and acetabulum provides the cushioning to the bone and allow a flexible moment of the thigh.

 When your joint is damaged by an injury or Arthritis then hip replacement is needed to be done.  This injury made difficult to do day to day normal tasks without serve pain and restricted range of motion. 


  • In the procedure of hip replacement, femoral head and acetabulum are replaced with the artificial one called Prosthesis. This artificial prosthesis consists of a cup called acetabular component and a stem and a ball are called the femoral component.
  • Before the procedure of hip replacement in Mumbai begins doctos will give you fluid antibiotics and medications to help you relax.
  • The whole procedure is done through the spinal anaesthesia so that you will be awake throughout the procedure and feel no pain. 
  • This surgery is a major surgery that’s why it requires the best orthopaedic doctors who have years of experience and expertise in the orthopedic field. 
  • In this procedure, blood loss can be more so, orthopedic arranges extra blood for the blood bank in case require transfusion. Blood loss can be increased that’s why you need the Best Orthopedic Doctor in Mumbai for the surgery procedure. 

When should you go for Hip Replacement Surgery? 

You might wondering is it a good time to go for Hip Replacement Surgery? To answer the question you need to check the following points: 

  • You have tried all the medication process but nothing working. 
  • Exercises and weight loss also didn’t give any relief from the pain. 
  • You also have tried physiotherapy still pain is present. 
  •  Your daily life is affecting badly like pain while walking, restricted range of motion, pain while bending forward or backwards. 

If you have tried all the methods which you could do, and pain is increasing day by day then it’s the right time to go for Hip replacement surgery. Don’t wait for a more longer time because pain could be even worse as time passes by. 

 Who is the Best Orthopedic Doctor in Mumbai? 

There are so many orthopedic surgeons in Mumbai who claims to be the best but in the major surgeries like hip replacement, total knee replacement requires more experienced doctors who can also provide all the necessary facilities. 

If you’re looking for hip replacement in Mumbai then dr Kunal Patel is the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai. He has years of experience and doing all the major surgeries in the field of orthopedic. 

Dr Kunal Patel provides high-quality services at a single place so that you don’t have to go somewhere else for any diagnostic test. They have the latest technologies in use for all the surgeries and diagnoses process. 

Best Infrastructure and parking facility were provided by the Dr Kunal Patel. Special attention towards hygiene and hospital also offers rooms to the patient’s attendants so that patient never feels alone. 


If you’re suffering from hip joints pain then it could be an Arthritis and you need hip replacement surgery there’s is no other way that you can get rid of pain. If you bear the pain for a longer time then motion of the moments will be reduced and pain will increase day by day. Dr Kunal Patel is the best orthopeic surgeon in Mumbai and done many successful surgeries. For any queries, you can visit the website. 

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