FAQ's - Dr Kunal
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What causes arthritis?
What kind of symptoms would I have if I have arthritis?
What kind of treatment options are there?
How do I know if I need to have surgery for my arthritis?
How do I treat arthritis in the knee?
What is arthritis and why does it make my knee hurt?
What is total Knee replacement?
What are the results of total Knee replacement?
What is computer navigation?
When should i have surgery?
Am I too old for this surgery?
Am I too young for this surgery?
Why do they fail?
What are the major risks?
Should I exercise before the surgery?
Will I need blood?
How do I donate my own blood?
How long am I incapacitated?
How long will be in the hospital?
What if I live alone?
Will I need a second opinion prior to the surgery?
How do I make arrangements for surgery?
How long does the surgery take?
Do I need to be put to sleep for this surgery?
Will the surgery be painful?
Who will be performing the surgery?
How long, and where, will my scar be?


Will I need a private nurse?
Will I need a walker or crutches or cane?
Will I need any other equipment?
Where will I go after discharge from the hospital?
Will I need help at home?
Will I need physical therapy when I go home?
How long until I can drive and get back to normal?
When will I be able to get back to work?
When can I resume sexual intercourse?
How often will I need to be seen by my doctor following the surgery?
Do you recommend any restrictions following this surgery?
What physical/recreational activities may I participate in after my recovery?
Will I notice anything different about my knee?
How do I know if I am a candidate for minimally invasive partial knee replacement?
Can I resume my normal activities after minimally invasive partial knee replacement?
Why is an OXINIUM partial knee replacement something I should ask my surgeon about?
How long will my partial knee implant last?
How do scratching and friction affect a knee implant?
So how long will an OXINIUM knee replacement last?
I am in pain, but my orthopaedic surgeon has advised me to wait for my knee replacement because I am too young. Why will an OXINIUM knee replacement be different?
What is OXINIUM and how is it made?
Who is a candidate for total knee replacement?
How old is the average patient for total knee replacement?
How long is the hospital stay for total knee replacement?
How soon can I return to normal activities after knee replacement surgery?
What about pain associated with total knee replacement surgery?
What activities should I avoid after knee replacement surgery?
Will my new knee replacement set off a metal detector?