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Important Things to Follow After Total Knee Replacement

Osteoarthritis is prevalent these days in which the knee of the individual pains. If you first visit the doctors, they suggest changing lifestyle, and if no recovery is there, then they recommend surgery. After surgery, recovery is essential in which individuals have to follow a few things. 

In this article, we will tell you about some of the crucial things to follow after knee replacement surgery.

  1. Help with medicines and wound care.

After the knee replacement surgery, the person needs to take the medication on time. So, if you are taking care of the patient, you have to help them with medicines and take care of the wound.

Apart from that, meet the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai from time to time for extra care.

  1. Swelling

The patient may face moderate swelling in the beginning after surgery for at least 3-6 months. To reduce swelling, the patient or caretaker has to elevate the leg or apply ice on it. Apart from that, if you wear a compression stocking, it will also help in reducing swelling.

  1. Proper diet

When you go home after surgery, the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai recommends a proper diet with vitamin and iron supplements. Moreover, don’t take a vitamin K diet as the eatable vitamin K makes the blood thick.

  1. Motivate the patient for rehab and exercise

Adhering to rehab is essential to recover from the surgery. There are many exercises like walking for 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a day. In the beginning, walking is painful, but you have to motivate the patient for fast recovery.

  1. Watch for changes after surgery.

There are chances that the patient is busy in recovery. In this case, the caretaker can see the changes occurring in the body. 

The bottom line

After the knee replacement surgery, proper preparation for the patient will prove helpful in recovering. So, ensure that you take care of the patient with full focus.

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