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Rapid Recovery from Total Knee Replacement with best Orthopedic Doctor in Mumbai

After total knee replacement surgery patients required somewhat around 5-6 months to get totally recovered. It was a long procedure and an arduous undertaking for any patient. But with the progress in technology, now the patient could be discharged on the exact same day with a rapid recovery program including various activities which will help to fully recover the individual over 2-3 weeks. The patient will have the ability to walk, climb stairs and the normal work. In Mumbai, Dr. Kunal Patel is the very best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai who offers you a rapid Recovery program for total knee replacement. 

What’s the Rapid Recovery Program?

A rapid recovery program was introduced to help the patient recover fast. This program also helped to reduce the expense of the knee replacement surgery by releasing the patient early.

In Rapid retrieval program, the patient goes through the variety of exercise program before the surgery.

The simple scientific reason for this is when a patient knows of exercises before the operation helps the patient to decrease the anxiety and begin taking more involvement from the healing program.

This program has been so powerful patients has shown some remarkable results as a few patients started walking as soon as 3 hours following the surgery.

In Fast app patients are broken up into smaller groups and educated together. After the surgery, they all trained together by the Physiotherapist, so that they can motivate each other.

If a patient is capable of toilet actions, walking activities of their own, then he or she will be discharged as soon as possible and patients can come after the discharge for regular checkups.

The Process of Quick recovery Program:

  • At the time of admission, the patient was asked various questions regarding the patient’s issue and given some weight management exercises and training.
  • The patient is going to be prepared for the operation with small groups and their surgery was done on precisely the exact same day so that later they could promote each other by demonstrating a better healing process.
  • After the operation, the patient has been sent to their area and kept using their group members.
  • The patient is inspired by the group concept or from family and friends to ensure he or she is able to acquire confidence which will boost their will power of walking.
  • Patients were assigned a physiotherapist who will assist them in exercises and also the exercises will be completed in groups so that patients can stay inspired and progress much quicker than usual.
  • The patient was discharged on their own by the third day, they’re capable of toilet activity, walking around the house and even climbing of stairs.

If you don’t want to go through the painful procedure of this knee replacement then you must seek Dr. Kunal Patel bests naturopathic physician in Mumbai who will see to your knee pain once and for all without much pain and you’ll be doing all the normal activities inside the 3 weeks of the operation. Only the Best Orthopedic Doctor in Mumbai can offer all these facilities. 

There are so many benefits of the Quick recovery application for total knee replacement. Dr. Kunal Patel performing knee surgeries form a long time now and has completed many successful surgeries which made him popular in Mumbai.

With the progress in the technology now you do not need to bear the pain of total knee replacement, so now you can easily recover within 2-3 days and may get back to your normal life within 3 months. Go to the Best Orthopedic Doctor in Mumbai who has years of knowledge and provides the highest quality providers at a very affordable price.

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