Partial knee replacement treatment in Mumbai
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partial knee replacement

Partial knee replacement treatment in Mumbai


So, you might be wondering what is partial knee Replacement, cost of the operation, risks involved and more importantly where you can find the best Partial knee replacement treatment in Mumbai all these questions are answered in this article.

Most of the people are afraid of doing partial knee replacement because they don’t have the proper information. We always hear from the patient asking for the alternative of operation but after we provide them information then they feel relief.

What is Partial knee replacement:

Partial knee replacement which is also called the Uni-Compartmentalreplacement, it is a type of surgery in which we replace only the damaged or diseased or worn-out compartment of the knee, not the whole knee joint.

The knee joint is comprised of three compartments ie. Medial compartment (the inside part of the knee)Lateral compartment (the outside part)Patellofemoral compartment (the front of the knee between the kneecap and thighbone)

When we do total knee replacement we replace all three compartments of the knee but when we do a partial knee replacement then we can replace only one compartment usually the inside compartment, basically what we do is just remove the small amount of bone and we surface it with metal and plastic rather than cutting both sides of the knee or cutting both sides of the joint or removing the ligament.

Partial knee replacement is less painful and more effective because patient recovers fast and its very cost efficient than knee replacement.

Implant materials:


  • Titanium
  • chrome/cobalt alloy
  • Zirconium alloys
  • Synthetics:
  • Polyethylene plastics
  • Ceramic composites

Partial knee replacement procedure:

Before the operation, you’ll be given a medicine  (anesthesia) which will block the pain.

After medicine, you’ll be in asleep and pain-free throughout the whole procedure.

  • Now a few tests of the knee are taken by the doctors before the operation to check if there is any extra damage to the knee or not, if they found any damage then whole knee joint is to be replaced if not then normal partial knee replacement is done.
  • Now surgeon eliminates the arthritic portion of the knee along with bone and cartilage.
  • A part made up of plastic and metal is placed into the knee.
  • Once the part is in the proper place, it is attached with bone cement.
  • Then the open wound is closed with the stitches. The patient will be in an asleep throughout the end of the operation.


Advantages of partial knee replacement

  • Cost effective: pricing is as per Govt. NPPA Implant Pricing, Effective 16 Aug 2017
  • Normal tissue of the knee joint is preserved only metal component is added.
  • Movements of the knee are the same as before the operation
  • The patient gets relief from daily knee pain.
  • There will be no change in the functionality of the knee.
  • Quick recovery after surgery.
  • Minimal incisions are used to perform this surgery leaving behind a tiny scar
  • Pain is lesser than the knee replacement because the only very little wound is done over the knee which fills out very fast.

When you should do partial knee replacement:

  • If you are Older then 50 or 55 you must go for partial knee replacement.
  • Feels pain while walking
  • Feels pain while sleeping
  • Your knee pain prevents you from doing daily activities.
  • When your pain sometimes gets better with other treatments
  • When you’re older and not able to do any physical activities.
  • When a doctor gives you advice that you must do the operation because early is better.
  • when you have continuous pain in the knee.
  • You’ve knee pain but still, you’ve nice motion in your knee joint.
  • When you have a good range of motion in your knee without or with very fewer pain.
  • The ligaments in your knee are stable.


It’s better to do a partial knee replacement then the whole knee replacement. Better you go to the doctor before its get too late .partial knee replacement is best option to get relief from the pain without losing the natural movement of the knee.


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