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The Best IVF centre in Kandivali | IVF centre in Mumbai

Are you looking for the best IVF centre in Kandivali to solve your infertility problems? Various patients get completely perplexed by the wonderful selection of medications that are used throughout an IVF procedure. This program can help you seemed to be aware of everything you’re getting – and also the main reason you need it said Dr. Miral Patel, one of the best gynecologists in Mumbai


In Vitro Fertilization also called IVF is a method of assisted reproductive technologies for infertility therapy. In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) involves placing the sperm and eggs together outside the human body, by natural selection that the egg will normally allow just 1 sperm to enter and this contributes to the fertilization procedure from the lab.

After fertilization, the embryo will be permitted to develop for a brief time period prior to being implanted into a woman’s uterus. A successful pregnancy can be verified about two weeks afterward. IVF therapy is just one of the most frequent and effective methods available for enhancing the odds of pregnancy in girls.

Why is IVF used?

In Vitro Fertilization also called IVF can be used to treat infertility with these patients:

  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes: The harm or blockage in capsules makes it hard for an egg to be fertilized or for an embryo to travel to the uterus.
  • Male Infertility: Men with low sperm concentration, feeble movement of semen (poor freedom ), or abnormalities in semen size and shape can make it hard for sperm to fertilize an egg.
  • Unexplained infertility: One in six couples suffers infertility problems and at times the causes remain unknown although diagnosis
  • Ovulation disorders: mean when ovulation fails to occur and are present in around 20 percent of infertile couples.
  • Endometriosis: Endometriosis occurs when the lining of the uterus (womb) grows starts to out of the uterus).

Before superovulating you personally, the best IVF centre in Kandivali must downregulate you personally, to make sure your eggs won’t ovulate independently since they need to ensure the eggs they collect are older clarified their infertility.

What’s involved within IVF?

The basic steps involved in IVF are:

  • Preparing the Ovaries for Stimulation: Fertility medications are prescribed to curb your normal menstrual cycle for approximately two weeks. Following this, a patient is given fertility drugs to stimulate egg production. Numerous eggs are favored because some eggs won’t build up or fertilize after recovery. Transvaginal ultrasound is used to study the ovaries, and blood test samples are required to affirm hormone levels.
  • Collection of eggs: For your egg collection, a minor surgical procedure is carried that utilizes ultrasound imaging and involves a needle being inserted through the vagina and into every ovary.  In some cases, medication is provided to reduce and remove potential distress.
  • Fertilization of Eggs: The male partner must produce a sample of semen, which is ready for mixing together with the eggs. The collected eggs are blended together with your spouse or the donor’s semen and kept in a laboratory to promote fertilization. In some cases, if the male partner has a low sperm count, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can be used. By means of this procedure, one sperm is injected directly into the egg in an endeavor to accomplish fertilization. The fertilized eggs (embryos) continue to increase in the laboratory for one to five times before being moved back into the uterus.
  • Embryo Transport: The top appearing embryos are selected for transfer. In the IVF centre in Kandivali, the physician will pass a catheter or small tube through the cervix into the uterus to transfer the embryos. This procedure usually doesn’t require anesthesia, even though some women may experience mild cramping, but the patient generally leaves the workplace after a brief recovery period. If the process is effective, implantation usually occurs around six to ten days following egg retrieval.

An extremely common question patients ask in the best IVF center in Kandivali is could they reduce our stay? The answer is True, the best gynecologist in Mumbai will help out. They’ll most likely need to do only a few points to aid you.

  • Recommend medicines for you, which it is possible to buy in your town.
  • Help you to gather your own day three scans on your own.

The vaginal ultrasound check on the following:

  • Semen test to your partner (to confirm his semen amount in Addition to motility);
  • Uterus morphology
  • Endometrial width in Addition to consistency
  • Antral follicle amount

IVF centre in Kandivali — Punit Fertility & Women’s centre:

Punit Fertility & Women’s centre has been in support of the IVF treatment and is famous for its successful IVF treatment centre in Mumbai. Before any other measure, they run all diagnostic evaluations so that they may have a thorough picture of your fertility possible. Their seasoned fertility specialists maintain maximum priority in determining the cause of the issue, so the right treatment is suggested. When proceeding using IVF in Mumbai, you may be certain that the fertilization, growth, and selection of embryos for transfer will be carried out in the maximum degree of professional excellence by our team of embryologists.

  • Stimulation Protocol: 

Within an IVF cycle, both stimulation and drug protocol is essential. There’s a difference between success and failure. That’s the reason why in the best IVF centre in Mumbai, they don’t compromise quality and use only the very best fertility medications available on the marketplace from International Pharmaceutical firms like Merck Serono and Ferring.

  • State-of-the-art Laboratory:

The Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Laboratory in International Fertility Centre features advanced equipment and utilizes an array of technical lab equipment purposely constructed for the IVF market.

  • Pregnancy Rates

IFC has attained a consistently great clinical pregnancy rate within the previous decades, as compared to some other IVF clinics in Mumbai. In the IVF Centre in Kandivali, they’ve got an ordinary IVF success rate of 58 percent compared to 40 percent IVF success rates globally.

  • Fixed price fertility therapy bundles:

With fixed-cost IVF and ICSI bundles, patients receive peace of mind and get competitively priced first-course therapy without the stress of any hidden expenses.

The best IVF centre in Kandivali is beneficial and economical to childless couples to learn more about the probabilities of a successful conception. For more details, visit Punit Fertility & Women’s Centre.

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