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The Dangers of Ignoring Your Back Pain

Back pain is very common. It may happen to you after the hard work in the gym or due to sudden strain on the back. This may happen to people with bad posture and after lifting the heavy bag packs. 

However, we need to understand that not all back pain is common; if you feel that you have consistent back pain even if you are not doing any hard work, it may develop some serious issues in you. So, it is crucial to go for the best treatment for back pain in Mumbai if you suffer prolonged back pain. 

Let’s have a look. 

  1. Back Pain Can Cause Nerve Damage 

Back pain is normal after intense work, but if you are doing heavy work and constantly pulling your limits, back pain can cause nerve damage. Generally, the peripheral nervous system can get damaged if you have prolonged back pain. 

However, if you take proper medication, then it may be cured. But it is crucial to diagnose the problem earlier before it gets worse. These issues can be resolved by anti-inflammatory control. Sometimes, if you ignore the back pain for a long time, it can permanently damage the nerves. 

best treatment for back pain in Mumbai
  1. Change The Posture Permanently

If you face the problem of back pain every day, you may find yourself in trouble and slouching all the time. Moreover, you get the issues of bad body posture, and your spine may get bent. The spine is very fragile, and if you suffer from back pain, your muscles become familiarised with the posture. 

If you try to change your posture, then you feel discomfort. Constant back pain can also compress the spine. If the back pain persists for more than a week, you need to take the best treatment for back pain in Mumbai. The early diagnosis will help to cure the posture change. 

  1. Back Pain Can Damage the Organs 

Some users experience back pain in the middle of the back, which is accompanied by nausea and fever, then this is the sign you are suffering from a severe infection. If you do not deal with the infection at the earliest, it may damage the kidney and other organs. 

  1. Constant Back Pain Cause Numbness 

The back pain that persists for longer and goes down to the legs and feet indicates that the back pain is not normal. It may cause numbness in the legs. If you feel the same, you need to go for treatment to deal with the issue properly. 


These are some of the common dangers that are associated with back pain. However, the back pain can also invite other issues like a spinal infection which results in nerve damage. This is why you need to go for the treatment of the back pain at the earliest. 

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