What Are The Common Causes Of Knee Pain?
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What Are The Common Causes Of Knee Pain?

A report by ACL (Administration for Community Living) shows that every fourth adult in the world suffers from chronic knee pain and it could be one of the worst experiences. 

After all, the knees are one of the most important joints in the body. The joint lets you move, walk and run flexibly on streets, stairs, and even in the mountains.   

The area is mainly covered with cartilage, multiple ligaments, muscles, and tendons; daily activities can be affected if any one of these isn’t serving the purpose. 

But if the issue has been born inside the joints and bones, everything surrounding the joint is affected, which results in more pain, stress, and an anxiety-ridden lifestyle.  

And in the end, you have no other option left than to reach out to the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai who can promise you 99% relief from this unwanted tribulation. 

But What Exactly Causes Knee Pain? Why Are You Dealing With It?

According to Dr. Kunal Patel – a famous knee replacement surgeon and Orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai, chronic knee pain is one of the common symptoms of aging. The issue is quite prevalent among older adults. But apart from that, knee or joint pains have few other breeding grounds which can lead to the origin of knee troubles in your life. These are as follows- 

1. Knee Injuries

If you have any history of knee injury or eventually you have met an accident causing an internal injury inside the knees, the first cause has been obtained. Sprain, Strains, and Tears are some of the most common types of injuries leading to a painful sensation in the joints. Schedule a visit to the Orthopaedic as soon as your injuries turn out more painful. 

2. Tendonitis

Sore or painful knees are a possible indication of tendonitis. The symptom is most commonly triggered by injuries when the tendon swells and a painful sensation is felt around the knees. 

3. Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease

If kids and younger adults are experiencing pain around their knees, Osgood Schlatter’s disease can be blamed for it. In the disease, bony lumps below the knee caps are inflamed which results in the worst painful sensation. Symptoms are most commonly visible after exercising.  

4. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Pain while running, going upstairs, cycling, and sitting can signal Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. The pain accompanied by this syndrome is usually felt on the front of your knee around the kneecap. 

5. Arthritis of the Knee

Arthritis of the Knee can forcibly send you to the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai if the problem is persistent. In the medical condition, pain in the knee occurs due to inflammation in the joints. The pain tends to worsen with time if surgical interventions aren’t undertaken.  

6. Knee Pain and Lifestyle Activity

Some bone and knees related issues can be found by birth in most kids. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consult a specialist like us, at Dr. Kunal Patel Center. We are one of the most prominent names in Mumbai, restoring people’s life to normal by delivering them the best treatment for the joints and knees. If you are also fed up with your knee problems, contact us today.

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