Why you need a Joint Replacement Surgery
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Why you need a Joint Replacement Surgery

Why you need a Joint Replacement Surgery

In this article we discuss on why you need a joint replacement surgery?  The answer of this question is given here; an ailing joint makes life hopeless. Even if your doctor suggests it be replaced, you need to carefully measure the benefits and risks before agreeing to this major surgery and understand that it will require compelling rehabilitation to get back on your feet.

The most important factor in choosing to have a joint replaced is how much it is affecting your life and how much it hurts. Here are six signs that it’s time to have a joint replaced:

  1. You can no longer able to complete routine daily tasks without help.
  2. You have compelling pain, like the pain that keeps you preserve you from being able to walk or bent over, pain that preserve you awake at night, although the use of medications, pain that is not relaxed by rest and the pain that is not helped by non-surgical approaches.
  3. Your doctor says that less sophisticated surgical processes are unlikely to help.
  4. You have felt the disease is wearing you down emotionally, mentally and physically.
  5. You are suffering serious side effects from the medications for your painful joint.
  6. Tests show significant joint damaged.

Operation of arthritis starts without surgery. Anti-inflammatory medication and pain relievers may help. Avoiding doing things that hurt may give you relief as well. But you may have developed pain that can be treated by surgery. At first you may have stiffness when walking a long way. As the arthritis gets worse, routine like putting shoes, taking short walks and dressing may cause pain.

The Good news is that joint replacements are very successful surgeries. It takes time to repair eventually, but many people come back to an active and pain free life. Less pain commonly leads to better walking and improvement in your overall health.

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Why you need a Joint Replacement Surgery


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