knee replacement cost in India is low as compare to countries
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Knee replacement cost in India

Knee replacement cost in India

Total knee replacement is a surgery conducted to replace the ruined part of the knee joint with prosthetics. With the use of special instruments manufactured for the purpose, the damaged part of the knee is resurfaced and reinstated with an implant. The artificial knee flourishes normal functioning of the knee joint for almost 15years for patients of almost all age group. It is a highly successful type of replacement surgery with approximately 90% success rate. Also known as arthroplasty, is a safe surgery with no life-threatening risks to life resulting in the relieving outcome of easy movement and relief from pain.

The artificial joint implanted in the knee is made up of plastic and metal. Later, the artificial joint is connected to the thigh bone, shin and knee cap with a specially manufactured material such as acrylic cement.

Assurances of the knee replacements

  • Enhanced knee joint movement
  • Reduced stiffness
  • 100% relief in pain
  • No need to rely on support for the movement
  • Lead normal and quality life with walking, climbing stairs, and other social activities.

What are the factors which reduce the knee replacement cost in India?

  • India is the most preferred medical tourism destination. Because it provides low-cost Knee replacement surgery option for all its national and international medical tourists.
  • The cost of knee replacement surgery in India is almost ¼ of the cost that in the UK, the US and other developed countries.

Knee replacement cost in India

While talking about India, the knee replacement surgery cost is cheap on being compared to the cost of replacement from the countries like UK, Canada, Australia, and the US. The cost mentioned below is not the exact figure of the knee replacement, instead, they are the round off figures that could turn little less or more than the cost mentioned below.

Types of Knee ImplantNew Ceiling Price in MRP(Rs)
Cobalt Chromium Implant 54,720
Titanium & oxidized Zirconium Implant76,600
High flexibility implant56,400
Revision implant1,13,950


Why choose India?

The costs of knee replacement surgery in countries like US, UK, Australia, and Canada are very high. Which means medical tourism business is growing very fast. To recognize this trend, the Indian government, large corporations, hospitals, and doctors are flooding the Indian medical tourism market with choices, and prices. Now have a look at why the cost of surgery is too low in India.

  • Indian does not advertise so much in newspapers, magazines, and electronic media. But certainly as good as other regional healthcare providers like Singapore and Thailand countries.
  • India is as competitive as Singapore in the quality of healthcare, through its world-class facilities of hospitals and clinics, latest machines in healthcare and moreover world-class renowned surgeons and doctors that it has more in number than any regional healthcare providers.
  • The important factor could be the Indian currency. Which is very low weight as compared to other countries like the UK and US.


What could be included in knee replacement cost in India?

The orthopedic surgeon always takes an evaluation of your knee. Present strength and range of motion, and make the determination of whether total knee replacement surgery is the best course of action or not.

If your surgeon decides to proceed with the operation, there are a number of services that should be included in the cost. Anesthesia, which is the most important part of any surgical procedure. It is included in the cost at almost every hospital. For total knee replacement, general or epidural anesthesia is usually required.some of others is like:

  • Days spent in Hospital
  • Medicines and Injections
  • Personal room at the hospital
  • surgery cost by doctor or hospital

When knee replacement surgery is suggested by an Orthopaedic?

  • Osteoarthritis: It is the main cause of knee replacement surgery. Largely due to the process of aging when cartilage breaks down or weakens up, knee replacement surgery is prescribed by Orthopaedic surgeons.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: In the case of Rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system of body attacks and destroys the lining of the knee. As a result, replacement surgery is prescribed.
  • Deformities: Often the folks with bowed legs or “knock-knees” are recommended knee implant surgery to refurbish the position of the knee.
  • Knee injuries: Torn ligaments or broken bone near the knee result in arthritis, that is the cause of great pain and limited movement.

Individuals with any of the following conditions along with the above may be considered for knee replacement surgery:

    • Severe knee joint arthritis
    • Swelling and pain in the knee joint due to long-standing posture
    • Severe bent and bow legs type deformity in legs
    • Ineffective medication and physical therapy in the restoration of the condition of the knee
    • Pain that restricts daily activities & personal care
    • Persistent pain gets intense while sleeping.

Types of knee replacement Surgery

Following are the five main types of knee replacement surgery-

  • Total knee replacement- It is the commonly practiced type of surgery that involves the replacement of shin bone and thigh bone attached to the knee. The cost range varies from 2 lacs to 4 lacs that varies from hospital to hospital.
  • Partial knee replacement- This type of replacement surgery is recommended in the case when knee joints are not wholly affected by arthritis. However, it should be prescribed to the patient with strong knee ligament along with normal cartilage. Partial knee replacement doesn’t require large cut as needed in total knee replacement.

In India, it can be done at the cost from around 1.5 lacs to 2.2 lacs.

  • Patellofemoral replacement- This type of surgery is highly fruitful for patients with chronic knee-cap arthritis. It involves replacement surgery only under-surface of the kneecap and the groove the knee-cap sits in.
    • Complex (or revision) knee replacement- Patients with severe arthritis or the ones who have already undergone two or three knee replacement surgeries have prescribed this type of surgery. 2 lacs to 3 lacs can be the cost for this.
  • Cartilage restoration- This type of restoration comprises of planting a living cartilage graft or cells which eventually grows into cartilage. Thereby, strengthening the cartilage with an injury.


Factors that affect the cost of Knee replacement in India

  • Type of surgery– The present condition of your knee determines the cost of treatment. Out of the above five kinds of surgery, your orthopedic may suggest any of the above surgeries. Total knee replacement is costly of all will shower more load on your pocket.
  • Place– The surgeries in metropolitan cities of the country could be expensive than treatment at other locations of the country. These surgeries are extremely costly in abroad.
  • Hospital- The cost of knee replacement too varies with the type of hospital you choose along with its services. Normally, every hospital includes the cost of anesthesia which could be general or epidural. In addition to it, the number of the day stays in the hospital, injections, medicines, type of room and charges of doctor for the surgery decides the gross cost of knee replacement.


So here above is all the information about the cost, types and factors of Knee Replacement Treatment in India


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