Best Orthopedic Surgeon In Kandivali- Dr.Kunal
+91-(22)-2805 3021 Note: Revised Joint Replacement Packages & Pricing are as per Govt. NPPA Implant Pricing, Effective 16 Aug 2017
Best Orthopedic Surgeon In Mumbai

Best Orthopedic Surgeon In Kandivali- Dr.Kunal

There are lot of Orthopedic surgeons available in various hospitals and clinics. But to choose best one is difficult. Best orthopaedic surgeon should have rich experience in his medical field. He should be good consultant etc. All these qualities are finding in Dr. Kunal Patel. He is best orthopedic surgeon in Kandivali. Many people get successful surgeries and replacement operations from Dr. Kunal.

Orthopedic services provided by Dr. Kunal Patel:

  • Knee replacement Surgery
  • Total Hip replacement surgery
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Knee Arthroscopy

Dr. Kunal and his whole staff works hard and perform their best effort to make your surgeries and operations successful. There are any old aged patients get treatments from Dr. Kunal and now they are able to walk, climbing stairs etc. You can book your appointment with him online or on just phone call. He is always ready to treat, help and advice you best regarding any orthopaedic problem. Dr. Patel is extensively trained surgeon. He has shown that auto transfusion and the use of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin reduces the need for blood transfusion in hip and knee surgeries. That Indian patients who aspire for full function as Indians after surgery from him, can and will be able to do so.

From clinical excellence, surgical skill and basic research, Dr. Kunal Patel has successfully blended the best of the Kandivali to bring world class surgical facilities for the benefit of patients. Dr. Patel offer dedicated treatments in all minor and major osteoarthritis issues. One of his leading treatment modules includes platelet-rich plasma transfusion for patients with osteoarthritis. His treatments involve minimally invasive surgeries for trauma recovery or even bone restructuring. His team of anesthesiologists, rheumatologists and rehabilitation experts are here to make your recovery smooth and rapid.

Thus, if you have any orthopedic problem then please consult with Dr. Kunal Patel who is best orthopedic surgeon in Kandivali.

Call @ +91-(22)-2805 3021

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