Precautions after total knee replacement surgery
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Precautions after total knee replacement surgery

Precautions after total knee replacement surgery

Normally injury caused to knee can be overcome by some normal medical treatment, pain gels, exercise, taking rest etc. But sometimes, all these alternatives get fail to eliminate knee injury. At that moment we should consider for total knee replacement surgery.

Recovery time of total knee replacement surgery vary from person to person. It also depends upon cause of treatment. First step towards fast recovery is following all instructions given by doctor. Secondly take proper bed rest for particular time as doctor said.

Beside all these tips there are also some precautions after total knee replacement surgery as:

  • Don’t sit on floor
  • Don’t sit crossed legs
  • Don’t lift heavy weight
  • Don’t sit squat
  • Avoid stressful activities.
  • Take motivation for exercise and rehab
  • Improve your flexion and extension
  • Avoid unnecessary stress on your knee
  • Take recommended supplements and vitamins
  • Wear compression stockings
  • should not pivot or twist on the involved leg for at least six weeks
  • when lying in bed, you should keep the involved knee as straight as possible

All above mentioned tips and precautions after total knee replacement surgery are given by Dr. Kunal Patel. If you properly follow all these precautions then you are able to do activities like previous.

According to his experience in total knee replacement surgery, he advice following food to his patients after knee replacement:

  • Take healthy approach such as- vitamins
  • Avoid vitamin K after surgery
  • Boost your immune system with vitamin C and Zinc
  • Consider non-herbal supplements
  • For promote bone health take vitamin D
  • For quickly wound healing take vitamin D

We wish faster recovery time for you. For more information about after and before total knee replacement surgery you can contact Dr.kunal Patel at any time.

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