3 Critical Signs that you need a Knee Replacement Surgery
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Best orthopedic surgeon for knee replacement in Mumbai

3 Critical Signs that you need a Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee pain can affect your whole body moments. If you have pain in your knee then you can’t walk properly, you might feel pain in your knee while doing any moments, walking and running is not possible for you. If you’re suffering from knee pain from a long time and now that pain has become unbearable then your knee needs serious treatment. The best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai Dr.kunal Patel suggests 3 critical signs when you need to do a knee replacement surgery. 

What is knee replacement surgery?

Before diving into critical signs first, let us understand what is knee replacement surgery and who is the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai?

the knee is one of the most complex joints in our body which support most of our weight. However, because of our body weight knee is more prone to injuries. 

The knee is made up of three bones femur, Tibia, patella. They are connected by muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These bones are covered with a tissue called articular cartilage which allows knees to straighten or bends smoothly in one direction. 

In osteoarthritis articular cartilage gets damaged due to any injury then bones start rubbing against each other. 

As time flies you start feeling more pain and try medication and non-surgical methods like massage, exercises, etc but if you don’t see any change in pain then you need to de knee replacement. 

In the knee, replacement your damaged knee joint will be replaced with the artificial one which will help you to reduce pain and you can easily move.  

If the damage is critical then the doctor can do total knee replacement. To perform this operation you need a best orthopedic doctor who has experience and expertise in the orthopedic field.

Dr.Kunal Patel is the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai who is expert in the field of orthopedic and has done so many successful surgeries. 

3 Critical Signs that you need a Knee Replacement Surgery

Not able to enjoy walk:

If you feel pain in your knee just by doing simple tasks and have trouble with a range of motion, function, and stability then you need to do knee replacement surgery. As I’ve explained earlier that your articular cartilage is damaged and your bones start rubbing each other.

If you’re not getting relief by doing regular exercises or by medication then at some point to avoid major injuries you need to do knee replacement surgery. Don’t bear knee pain it’ll make it worse. 

The problem in straightening or bending your knee:

When you start facing problem in bending or straightening your knee in one direction this means your bones are rubbing against each other and now rubbing has made sore which can only be treated with a knee replacement.

It’s better to seek a best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai otherwise pain will become unbearable. Later moments in your joint can stop, it’s the most critical sign that tells that you need to do knee replacement surgery. 


An osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis. When protective tissue called articular cartilage gets damaged then bones get rubbed to each other while doing any moment. It can damage any joints in our body most common joints are knee, shoulder, spine, and hips.

You can treat osteoarthritis at home by doing regular exercises, medication and eating healthy food, but sometimes it’s pain doesn’t stop and then you need to visit a doctor. 


  • Pain
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Swelling
  • stiffness

At the end

It’s better you visit the doctor as soon as you start feeling pain in your knees because only a doctor can guide you better and you can avoid surgery.  If you still feel pain after doing all medication and exercises then visit Dr. Kunal Patel – Best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai.

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