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6 Common Orthopaedic Problems You May Face in Your 30s

Ageing is one of the main reasons for orthopaedic problems that begin to affect our usual way of life. Maintaining a proper pace of orthopaedic living as you get older becomes more challenging due to factors including bone stress and a lack of proper mobility flow.

Crossing the 30s is nothing short of a sign that you are now susceptible to one or more orthopaedic difficulties, whether it be joint pain or improper movement. It is time to seek medical attention at the top orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai if you are someplace in a similar circumstance.

Let’s discuss some of the prevalent reasons for age-related ortho problems so that you can understand the way of your pain and get it treated on time.

Orthodontic Concerns After Thirty: Common Illnesses

1. Arthritis

Joint discomfort or disorders start to manifest themselves once a person hits 30. This sickness results from spending lengthy periods of time in one chair, sitting or standing in an unhealthful manner, or both. There are thousands of different forms of arthritis.

2. Tendons and cartilage become dry

The condition of your bones and joints here has a lot to do with how old you are. Your cartilage and tendons may start to dry once you cross the 30-year threshold and adopt certain harmful lifestyle habits. Our bones are cushioned by cartilage, which is susceptible to deterioration as we age.

3. Loss of muscle mass

Once we reach our 30s, the size and number of muscle fibres start to diminish. It is a very normal aspect of growing older, and the process quickens as we continue to grow. It occurs explicitly in inactive individuals. The likelihood of suffering an injury increases when muscles deteriorate and shrink.

4. Loss of bone mass

Orthopaedically speaking, another problem with ageing is that the muscles and bones both begin to lose mass. We start losing mass more quickly than we might gain it. We reach the stage of lesser bone density in this manner.

5. Ligaments become less elastic

Our bones and muscles are held together by ligaments, which become less elastic and flexible as we age. When strained past a certain point, tendons are more likely to suffer damage due to ageing. This is the reason why it typically takes longer for an older person to recover from an injury.

6. Lower back conditions

As we get older, this is another issue that occupies much of the space. Back pain begins to set in, and sometimes it takes longer to recover since it gets harder and harder to treat it rightly.

Break Free from the Shackles of Pain – Give Yourself the Right Ortho Care 

It’s time to change to a healthier lifestyle so that you can experience pain-free living. This is only achievable when you seek medical attention from a top orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai that offers the appropriate medical treatments. Make an appointment today to say goodbye to your pain and ortho concerns.

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