Best Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital in Mumbai - Dr Kunal
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best joint replacement surgery hospital in Mumbai

Best Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital in Mumbai

Are you suffering from joint pain and eagerly looking for the best joint replacement surgery hospital in Mumbai? If yes then don’t worry. We have the answer to this question that is Dr Kunal Patel. He is a pre-eminent orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai who has successfully handled many cases and operated surgeries.

These days the pain in various joints of the body, including the knee, hip, and shoulder joint, is a widespread problem. However, the reasons for this pain are many, but it can be overcome if you take the best treatment from the best orthopaedic doctor.

He has completed his education from a highly prestigious college named Topiwala National Medical College (TNMC), and practised at B.Y.L National Charitable Hospital, Mumbai. If we talk about the speciality, he is famous for knee replacement surgery, shoulder arthroscopy, hip replacement surgery, and Bankart injury. 

Over the years, he, with his best treatment, made many patients walk on the legs who in the past were not able to stand. However, the best part about Dr Kunal Patel is when any of the patients come to him, he first studies the patient’s history and then takes any final decision after telling the actual situation.

There are many advantages of knee replacement surgery if you have it from Dr Kunal Patel. These include: –

  • You will get rid of pain permanently.
  • After surgery, the individual mobility can be improved
  • The best thing is living standard can be enhanced as they can do everyday chores, which is not possible in pain

The patients who have taken treatment from Dr Kunal Patel are happy with their new knees. And you can also be a part of his success stories if you are unable to achieve the right treatment in the past.

Moreover, in his career, he always tries to give his best. This is why most people in Mumbai and other parts of India come to Dr Kunal Patel for the treatment. So, if you have a problem related to the musculoskeletal system and cannot sit and walk, consult Dr Kunal Patel. 

For further information, you can book an appointment or call him any time during working hours.

Say goodbye to any pain and get ready to explore the world!

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