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Best Partial Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai – Dr. Kunal Patel

A partial knee replacement surgery is an alternative to total knee replacement for people suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. The surgery is done when the damage in the knee is majorly confined to a specific compartment. However, in partial knee replacement, only the knee cartilage is replaced with a prosthesis. 

But most people are perplexed as they think everyone can go for partial knee replacement surgery. So, if you are one of them, then through this blog, you will come to know who is the right candidate for this surgery. 

Well, you might be the candidate for partial knee replacement surgery if the arthritis is only affecting one part of the knee rather than the whole knee. The reason is; partial knee replacement only requires intact and competent knee ligaments. Apart from that, the knee must be bowed.  

Overall, you can say that osteoarthritis is only treated via partial knee replacement if it affects the medial compartment of the knee.  

So, if you or any of your known ones are suffering from osteoarthritis and looking forward to consulting the best partial knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Kunal Patel would be the right choice. He is one of the leading and renowned orthopaedic surgeons in Mumbai who has a lot of experience treating patients suffering from knee pain. Over the years, he has successfully done several partial knee replacement surgeries. 

Not only this, but he is also trained in AO Scythes for minimal invasive trauma surgeries. So, you could say that he is the best surgeon who can help you walk on your knees freely without any issues by which you can do your household chores easily.

So, look no further than Dr. Kunal Patel for the best knee treatment and walk freely. 

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