Cervical Osteoarthritis - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
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Cervical osteoarthritis

Cervical Osteoarthritis

What is the cervical osteoarthritis?

Cervical osteoarthritis is declension of the bone in the vertebrae (neck) and the disks between the bones, compressing the spinal tendon in the neck. Cervical osteoarthritis is commonly called cervical Spondylosis. It usually affects the old-age and middle-aged people.

It is the most common in of spinal tendon dysfunction among people older than 55. As people age, Spondylosis becomes more common. It causes spine in the neck to declination. When a bone in the spine attempts to reconstruct itself, it besets, narrowing the spinal canal in the neck.

The disks between the spines also decline. These changes may cause dysfunction. Because the tissue is injured. For example: minor neck trauma.

What are the common symptoms of cervical osteoarthritis?

Symptoms of cervical osteoarthritis may result from squeezing of the spinal nerve, spinal cord. Here are the some common symptoms of cervical osteoarthritis given bellow:

  • A change in walking.
  • The neck becomes less flexible.
  • The pain often radiates to shoulder, head and arms.
  • Muscles of both arms become weak.

How is cervical osteoarthritis diagnosed?

Generally, cervical osteoarthritis diagnosis process starts with a physical exam of the body. Doctor will start by asking you about the symptoms with a focus on neck, shoulder and back. Here are some other methods which are used for the cervical diagnosis:

  • X-rays.
  • MRI.
  • CT scan.

What are the treatments for the cervical osteoarthritis?

In most cases, cervical osteoarthritis treatments are traditional. They include:

  • Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Physical therapy like exercise, cold therapy, and application of heat.
  • Injecting drugs into the joints of the area surrounding the spine.
  • Sometimes surgery is required.

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Cervical Osteoarthritis

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