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Common Reasons For Visiting An Orthopedic Doctor – Dr. Kunal Patel In Mumbai

Everyone is engaged in some or the other activities these days. Those can be for fun, leisure, or to earn a living. Performing these activities, anyone can get injured, which can cause a risk by developing into chronic conditions. Many times genetics can be a reason for any disorder or disability to perform a particular activity. 

All these call for a need to visit an excellent orthopedic doctor. Once you figure out the need to visit an orthopedic doctor, it might be very confusing for you to select the right doctor for yourself—other questions like when and why should I visit a doctor. 

We have the answer to all your questions related to orthopedic surgeries or treatments- Dr. Kunal Patel. He is a reputed and certified doctor and has made his place as the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai

We will now brief you with some of the common reasons or symptoms for visiting an orthopedic doctor.

  1. Strain injuries

Professionals and sportspeople are the ones who are prone to repetitive strain injuries. Performing a particular activity for an extended period can cause injuries and affect the bones, joints or ligaments. 

  1.  Ankle injuries

Twisted or swollen ankles call for a visit to an orthopedic. This can be because while jumping, running, slipping, etc. it can cause sprains. These are at risk of a bigger injury in future. 

  1. Shoulder pain

Repetitive shoulder pains can make your shoulders stiff and cause pain in movements. If not taken care of, the pain can start to get worse within a few days.

  1. Lower back pain

Most people these days suffer from back pains. They start having problems doing their everyday activities and holding weights. If not taken care of, back pains can cause weight loss, fevers and headaches. 

You are recommended to visit your doctor after every 6-8 months for a checkup. Experiencing any pain or injury calls for an appointment to the doctor before it turns badly into a disability or chronic condition. 

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