Effective ways to prevent back pain by Dr. Kunal
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Effective ways to prevent back pain by best orthopedic doctor

Effective Ways To Prevent Back Pain By Dr. Kunal Patel

Most of us face back pain  sometimes in our lives. Back pain may be due to an accident, sports  injury and a congenital condition. But most of the time, lower or upper back pain grows during the course of daily life. You can control it by following these effective ways to prevent back pain by best orthopedic doctor.

Repetitive activities at home or work, like sitting in front of computer, carrying and lifting activities, sometime leads to bring tension and tightness in muscle that results in Back pain. According to Dr. Kunal Patel, you must follow these tips and prevent yourself from back pain:

  • For every 30 minutes of doing a certain activity do 30 seconds of movement in opposite direction.
  • Every 30 minutes that you sit in the chair get up and do a stretch with a backward bend for 30 seconds.
  • If your neck is bothering you just take a moment to draw your chin in as if getting a double chin, roll your shoulders back and down and stretch for 30 seconds.
  • If you realize you haven’t taken a deep breath in 30 minutes then take a moment to focus on your breathing, take slow deep breaths for 30 seconds.
  • Set a timer for every 30 minutes you spend sitting, stretch for 30 seconds and feel better and look better.

You can also follow these easy exercises to prevent back pain:

  • Upper body stretch
  • Shoulder blade squeeze
  • Arm across the chest stretch

All these effective ways to prevent back pain by best orthopedic doctor – Dr. Kunal Patel in Mumbai.

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