Exercises of knees and ankles Pain: Do’s and Don’ts
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Knee and ankle pain

Exercises of knees and ankles Pain: Do’s and Don’ts

Knee and ankle pain is growing at an alarming pace due to the modern lifestyle and technology. It is a very common problem nowadays in many elders. The factors related to knee and ankle pain are many and you can do every type of effort to get rid of it. According to the report of arthritics UK, managing the weight of the body and doing low impact exercise can reduce the symptoms of knee and ankle pain up to a great extent.

Let’s put some light on the do’s and don’ts of knee and ankle pain exercises: –


  • Do exercise on a regular basis

Cardiovascular exercises are very helpful in strengthening the muscles and flexibility. Weight training, stretching, walking, swimming, and innumerable others are best for ankle and knee pain.  

  • Get expert advice

This is especially recommended for those individuals who are new to knee and ankle pain. Whenever the knee or ankle pain surrounds you, immediately contact the doctor for averting further damage.

  • Do consider acupuncture

It is a traditional form of Chinese medicine which involves inserting fine needles into the pain area. It is a very excellent medicine in relieving knee and ankle pain.

  • Play with temperature

When you get the knee or ankle injury in starting, use a cold pack to ease the swelling and numb the pain. Use this technique of numbing pain for 15-20 minutes three or four times a day. For best results, wrap the ice in the towel. Moreover, after some relief from swelling and pain, warmth up the area on regular intervals in a day.



  • Don’t overlook the weight of your body

Overweight of the body will give more stress to your knee or ankle giving more pain to them. So, keep the body weight ideal by which your pain will get some relief.

  • Skip the rest days

Working out on all days is not beneficial for the knee and ankle pain. So, it is recommended by the expert that those 5-6 days a week for doing exercise is sufficient in knee and ankle pain as rest is also essential in this problem.

  • Push through an acute injury

If you have a major injury in any part of the body, then skip exercise until it gets healed. Because more workout at this point in time gets worse.

  • Don’t rest too much

Resting too much will weaken the muscles due to which ankle and knee pain will be more painful. Consult the doctor if you want to do workout and they will tell you about the perfect exercises.

  • Don’t risk yourself to be fallen

The unstable foot can cause fall which can cause more damage to your knee or ankle. Always walk properly with the use of hand rills, staircases, and many more advanced things for comfort.


At last, knee and ankle injuries will give you full life bed rest because of its dangerous symptoms. So, be careful while walking, take care of your diet, and exercise regularly for more information visit Dr. Kunal Patel, he is the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai.


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