Orthopaedics and Geriatric Care: Keeping Seniors Mobile
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will learn what the best orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai suggests to take care of older people.

Orthopaedics and Geriatric Care: Keeping Seniors Mobile

We are more likely to develop orthopaedic problems as we age. Fractures, osteoporosis, and arthritis are common problems among older patients. You may also notice joint and bone issues in your parents as they age. Without treatment and attention, these problems could worsen and restrict their mobility.

Thus, you should pay more care to your parent’s health and well-being to ensure their best quality of life. The fact that you are aware of their movements does not mean you will devote all your time and resources to tracking them. In this blog, we will learn what the best orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai suggests to take care of older people.

  • Increase Their Walking Efforts

Physical activity is the best way to maintain bone and joint health. Unfortunately, as people age, they become more inclined to sitting, engaging in fewer physical activities. You should advise your parents not to do so if they are among these people.

Make your parents move more by cheering them to do so. You can suggest to walk more if they aren’t interested in going to the gym or trying traditional freehand workouts at home.

Walking after meals is a good idea. Take them for a walk in the local park in the morning. Ask them to walk over or take a rickshaw if they are going somewhere nearby. The act of walking strengthens and builds bones.

  • Maintain a regular check up schedule

Maintaining your orthopaedic health by visiting your primary care doctor annually is one of the best ways. A healthy diet is especially important for older adults since arthritis and injuries can be more common. To protect your orthopaedic and overall health, talk to your primary care doctor about additional preventive measures.

  • Pre-exercise stretching

The importance of stretching cannot be overstated, as it helps maintain flexibility, improve performance, and reduce stress-related injuries. Before and after exercising, stretch and warm up if you plan on lifting weights or doing high-impact aerobics. As a result of these exercises, you will have more flexibility and are less likely to sustain injuries to your joints and muscles.

  • Put on comfortable shoes

It is important to wear helpful shoes to maintain proper alignment. Regularly wearing high heels increases the risk of back pain and knee pain for women.

  • Strengthen your core

The strength of your core muscles can help you maintain a healthy weight. Pilates and yoga are great exercises for strengthening your core muscles and boosting your orthopedic health.

So, these are common tips for taking care of Orthopaedics and Geriatric. By following these tips, you will have ease of mind, thus reducing your health issues.

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