Partial knee replacement Mumbai
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Partial knee replacement Mumbai

Partial knee replacement Mumbai

If you are looking for partial knee surgery Mumbai than Dr. Kunal Patel is one of the best doctors for the partial knee replacement Mumbai.  Dr. Kunal Patel is the best doctor for joint replacement doctor in Mumbai. Along with knee replacement, he also performs hip replacement surgery, knee Arthroscopy surgery, partial knee replacement surgery, and much more.

Knee pain from arthritis can be unusually attenuating because we use our knees in almost our entire daily activities. If you are suffering serious knee pain that interferes with your functioning, then you need a partial knee replacement surgery?

The partial knee replacement surgery procedure is much less nosy than total knee replacement and may give relief to people suffering from knee injury. In Partial knee replacement surgery only the damaged part of the knee joint is replaced by the surgery.

After this surgery patient may require only one day of hospitalization, and result in seriously less recovery time as compared to the total knee replacement surgery. There is no interruption of the knee cap, which leads to more rapid recovery.

In partial knee replacement surgery, there is minimal blood loss. There is also a less need of postoperative pain and reduced need for anesthesia.

After the partial knee replacement surgery, patients are able to walk within 4 to 5 hours and experience a much faster recovery. After the partial knee replacement surgery, most of patients feel an increased range of motion as compared to the total knee replacement surgery.

If you are suffering from any joint related problem, you must concern to a doctor for the treatment. Dr. Kunal Patel provides the best treatment for joint pain.

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Partial knee replacement Mumbai


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