Precautions to Take After Total Knee Replacement Surgery
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Precautions to Take After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Total knee replacement surgery is known as the most successful surgery for the treatment of disorders or dysfunction in a patient’s knee. The leading cause for a damaged knee is arthritis, which can be of various types. The total knee replacement surgery should be done with accuracy and dedication.

The accuracy and success of surgery are mainly dependent on the quality of the surgeon you choose. Everyone wants to make sure that they are in expert hands. So for your best interest, we suggest you have treatment from Dr. Kunal Patel. He is a specialized doctor and has experience of many years of working as an orthopedic surgeon.

As told above, surgery’s success depends on the orthopedic doctor, but it also depends on the precautions prescribed by him. If a doctor completes his duty of providing you with successful surgery, you as a good patient should also follow the measures.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is known to be a measure that can help you with a majority of problems. After surgery, the patient should perform exercise advised by the doctor. However, the exercise should be done within a limit, so it does not cause any stress or reopen the wounds. 

  1. Preventive home measures

After undergoing knee replacement surgery, the doctor will advise you to rest and stay at your home. So for the best home care, you should set up your home with all the facilities you need to minimize the load. Everything should be in your reach, and the floor should be cleaned properly to prevent accidents from slipping.

  1. Incision

The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is to keep the wounded area dry or out of contact with water or moisture. This should be kept in mind after the staples are removed, i.e., approx 12 days after surgery.


The importance of post-surgery precautions is not left behind in any way from the pre-surgery precautions. Keeping in mind some of the above basic precautions will help you complete your part as a patient and can help you get the best outcome of your treatment. 

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