Quick recovery tips for knee injury
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Quick recovery tips for knee injury

Quick recovery tips for knee injury

As we all know knee plays its own important role in our bone life. If our bone get injured or damaged due to some accident then we feel very difficulty in walking, running and climbing stairs etc. At this situation you need to consult an orthopedic specialist. Because, sometimes we don’t even think that a small injury may lead to fracture or inner bone problem. In that an orthopedic specialist may recommend for replacement or arthroscopy.

But if there is no big impact of injury on your knee then there are some tips mentioned here for quick recovery tips for knee injury. All these tips are recommended by Dr. Kunal Patel who is orthopedic specialist and consultant in Mumbai.

Beside of all exercises and healthy tips there are some food items recommended by orthopedic doctors that helps in quicker healing. These foods include fish, orange juice. In this situation you have to eat spinach and onions. Use Ginger generously. Avoid refined carbohydrates.

Following are some exercises that you should do for fast recovery:

  • Wall calf stretch
  • Calf smash with lacrosse ball
  • Half knee hip and quad stretch
  • Quad form roller stretch
  • Wall hamstring stretch
  • Straight leg raise

The first thing to do after a fall or  knee strain is to get into a seated position. Provided you have no hip or back and neck injuries you should get into a seated position. Regardless of how you fell others may be at risk. If you are laying on your face or back you could sustain far worse injury if someone else falls on you. The other benefit to sitting up is for the next step. You will better be able to further help yourself.

The second thing to do is self check. You should run your fingers and palms all over the knee  Do not press to hard or to light. You need to know if you broke any bones. You will know because either the pain will be unbearable or you will feel the incorrect position of some part of the knee. Within your knee you have a cup shaped area with a disk suspended in it. This is your patella, if it is out of joint you will notice that it is turned sideways or not where you are searching for it.

The above given Quick recovery tips for knee injury surely help youFor more information about orthopedic health you can freely consult with DR. Kunal Patel. He treats and advice you best. You can call him on following given numbers.

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