Slip Disc – Knowing the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
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Slip Disc – Knowing the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

The problem of slipped discs is a severe issue in the human body. In fact, more than 80% of people are suffering from this problem today. The bones in the human body that form the spine in the back are protected by discs. 

If you talk about their appearance, they are round in shape, like small pillows, with a tough outer layer surrounding the nucleus. The slip disk is also called a spinal disk, ruptured disk, and herniated disk. This disk protects the body from various types of shocks from day-to-day activities like lifting, twisting, and walking.

The problem of slip disc occurs when the disc gets replaced and its surrounding material reaches beyond the space of the disc. In orthopaedic hospitals in Mumbai and other regions, this condition is known as a disc bulge, disc protrusion, ruptured disc, etc., when disc material leaves its place, which results in intense pain.

Symptoms of slipped disc

The problem of a slipped disc can be caused in any part of the spine, from the neck to the lower back. But if you talk about a common area of this issue, it is the lower back. 

Some of the common symptoms of slipped disc problem are: –

  • Pain in the back that gets worsens while standing and sitting
  • Muscle weakness
  • The pain extends to the arms and legs
  • One side of the body receives intense pain
  • The affected part will feel aching, tingling and burning sensations
  • Individuals cannot walk even short distances if there is pain in the lower back
  • A person is not able to take proper sleep at night due to pain and cannot move their body

The types of pain vary from one person to another. So, if you or any family members have the above symptoms, consult the doctor as soon as possible for treatment. 

Causes of discherniation

The issue called slipped disc often happens due to age as the disc will wear and tear. That means when individual ages, the disc of the body will become less flexible; as a result, a small shock while doing any activity puts strain or twist on the disc. 

Apart from that, most people take the help of back muscles while lifting heavy weights that can also cause this issue as the body can twist and turn while lifting. Moreover, the severe case is when you fall, or there is a blow to the back. This problem is pervasive in men and women both.

Treatment of slipped disc

When you consult the doctor with the above symptoms, they will first go for a physical exam. That means the source of the pain is checked and from where the person is uncomfortable. Apart from that, they will also check the past medical history and try to get the problem by touching the affected area.

Once the issue is confirmed, the treatment ranges from conservative to surgical. The therapy wholly depends on how much discomfort the individual faces. 

Most people get relief by doing exercises recommended by a physical therapist that will strengthen the body and reduce pain. Apart from that, medications are also given, but if the pain does not subside within six weeks and if the slipped disc is affecting the function of muscles, surgery is the last option. 

According to the best orthopaedic surgeon for knee replacement in Mumbai, during surgery, the doctor will remove the damaged portion of the disc, which is called a microdiscectomy. However, in many cases, the whole disc is replaced with an artificial one which is called a laminectomy and spinal fusion. 

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