Understanding the Different Types of Fractures and How They are Treated?
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Understanding the Different Types of Fractures and How They are Treated?

Understanding the Different Types of Fractures and How They are Treated?

The word fracture means any bone of the body that broke for various reasons. It is a very common injury that can affect any individual regardless of age. 

What is a bone fracture?

Bone fracture is the medical word that implies broken bone. They usually happen due to traumas such as falls, accidents, and sports injuries. The best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai states that this bone fracture can also be due to some medical conditions and repetitive forces, which increases the chances of this issue.

Apart from that, thinning of bone is also a very common reason that happens due to osteoporosis in the elderly, and it can break the bone easily. 

Type of fractures

There are several types of fractures that the human body faces, and each of them is treated differently. Here are a few types of fractures: –

  1. Closed fracture

A closed fracture in the body means bone is broken, but the skin remains as it is. 

  1. Open fracture

This fracture needs immediate medical attention as this bone will break through the skin.

  1. Displaced fracture

In this, bone breaks into two or more pieces and moves out of alignment.

  1. Non-displaced fracture

The bone of the human body breaks but does not come out of alignment.

These are some of the common types of bone fractures which an individual body faces due to various reasons. In addition to that, there are several fracture patterns that wholly depend upon whether the bone is displaced or non-displaced.

How is a fracture treated?

The main goal of fracture treatment is to put the piece of bone in its actual position, control the pain, prevent serious complications, restore its manual use, and offer time for the bone to heal.

Some of the common methods of fracture treatment are: –

  • Splint or cast

This is the best step in which the doctor immobilizes the injured area to keep the bone in alignment. 

  • Medicine

Medicine is given to the patient to control pain.

  • Traction

Traction is the process in which certain parts of the human body are stretched in a certain direction. The main purpose of this traction is to help the bone to get into its assigned position.

  • Surgery

This is the last step which is done if none of the above steps works. Surgery is needed to put the bone in its position. 

For more details and information about bone fracture and to get the best treatment, contact the best orthopedic Doctor in Mumbai- Dr. Kunal. 

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