Best doctor for shoulder arthroscopy surgery Mumbai
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Best doctor for shoulder arthroscopy surgery Mumbai

Best doctor for shoulder arthroscopy surgery Mumbai

Dr. Kunal Patel is the best doctor for shoulder arthroscopy surgery Mumbai. He performs many shoulder arthroscopy surgeries in Mumbai. He is one of the best arthroscopic doctors in Mumbai.

He has a good knowledge and rich experience in his field. Along with shoulder arthroscopic surgery, he also performs knee arthroscopy surgery. Dr. Kunal Patel is a specialist in shoulder arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy, hip replacement, knee replacement surgeries.

Arthroscopy is a special type of surgery in which a surgeon or doctor uses a small camera call an arthroscope to check out or reconstruct the tissues around or inside the joint. The arthroscope is inserted through small incision into the body.

What are the reasons when shoulder arthroscopy surgery is recommended by the doctor? There are many reasons like if you have pain in your shoulder and have no relief to nonsurgical treatment. Non surgical treatments include injections, rest, medications and physical therapy that can decrease inflammation.

Inflammation is one of our body’s normal reactions to disease or injury. In a diseased or injured joint, inflammation causes pain, swelling, and stiffness. Sometimes shoulder injury can be eliminate easily by simple medicines or home remedies.

In arthroscopy surgery, there are less risks and scars. But there are many patients that do not follow the guidance that the doctor suggests them. This is the main reason of late recovery. So, if you want to get fast and proper healing you have to follow each and every precaution after arthroscopy surgery that doctor suggests you.

If you follow all above precautions recommended by orthopaedic specialist then your short your recovery time. Dr. Patel guides and treats you best. You can book your appointment with him online on website or you can call him.

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Best doctor for shoulder arthroscopy surgery Mumbai

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