Best Knee Surgeon Mumbai - Dr. Kunal Patel
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Best Knee Surgeon Mumbai

Best Knee Surgeon Mumbai

Dr. Kunal Patel is the Best Knee Surgeon Mumbai. He is the best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai. He performs various surgeries such as Hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery, shoulder arthroscopy surgery and knee arthroscopy surgery.

Bones play a vital role in our body, without bones it is impossible to move with flexibility. As we grow up our bones become weak and joint pain starts in our body. Many people suffer from joint pain problem in their old age because the volume of calcium decreases which leads to difficulty in various regular activities such as walking, sitting, standing, climbing stairs and so on.

Knee is the most common and complex joint inside human body. Knee pain is most common in these days. It is very common for both support injury and our daily life. The main causes of knee pain are:

Your knee doctor may recommend you to exercise for your knee pain or give you some meditation. But if our knee pain doesn’t go away with these prescribed treatments, you should go for knee surgery. There are two types of knee surgery. One is partial knee replacement surgery another is total knee replacement surgery.

In partial knee replacement surgery, only the damaged potion of your knee is replaced with plastic or metal parts and in total knee replacement surgery, your whole knee is replaced with the artificial joint. Total knee replacement surgery is a major surgery. The type of your surgery is depending on the condition of your knee.

For more information about your knee surgery, you can contact Dr. Kunal Patel for your treatment. He provides best treatment to his patients. He is currently working at Punit Hospital in Mumbai.

Call @ +91-(22)-2805 3021.

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