Best Orthopedic Surgeon For Knee Replacement In Mumbai - Dr. Kunal Patel
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Best orthopedic surgeon for knee replacement in Mumbai

Best Orthopedic Surgeon For Knee Replacement In Mumbai – Dr. Kunal Patel

There are many best orthopedic surgeon for knee replacement in Mumbai. But the thing is who gives the quality and proper treatment at affordable rates. Dr. Kunal Patel is your best physician for knee replacement in Mumbai. He performs many joint replacement surgeries in Mumbai. He is the finest orthopedic doctor as well as a joint consultant.

The knee work is to flex your leg to straighten the leg. There may be several reasons for the joint difficulties you may encounter. To correct the knee difficulties there’s a renowned name from the city, Dr. Kunal Patel. He’s the best orthopedic surgeon for knee replacement in Mumbai who has completed various successful surgeries associated with joints. He’s well experienced and well known because of his wholesome connections with patients in Mumbai. Some of the other services provided by Dr. Kunal Patel: hip replacement, knee replacement surgery, Knee Arthroscopy surgery, Shoulder Arthroscopy surgery, and many other joint problems.

Here are some exercises that Dr. Kunal Patel shares his patients prior to knee replacement operation:

  • Thigh squeezes/ quad-core collections.
  • Muscle strengthening.
  • Side-lying leg raises.

In accordance with Dr. Kunal Patel, here are some precautions following knee replacement surgery:

  • You must also not twist or pivot on the involved leg for at least six weeks.
  • When lying in bed, then you should keep the knee as straight as you can.
  • Squatting and kneeling should also be avoided.

Knee replacement also called knee arthroplasty. It can help reduce the pain and restore the functioning of attractive diseased knee joints. Knee replacement surgery is a joint operation where the best orthopedic surgeon for knee replacement in Mumbai cuts the damaged parts of bone and cartilage out of your shinbone, thighbone, and kneecap and replacing it with the artificial joint made of high-grade plastic polymers and alloy permits.

  • Why you need knee replacement surgery:
  • You have bending of the knee.
  • You have severe knee pain.
  • You have to take pain killers to relieve pain.
  • You have instability.
  • Pain isn’t controlled with medicines and exercises.

There are lots of causes of knee pain are provided below:-

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Weak quadriceps muscles
  • Tight calf muscles
  • Horizontal feet
  • Overtraining
  • Weak Hamstring Muscle

Symptoms of knee pain shown by the best orthopedic surgeon for knee replacement in Mumbai are:-

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Weakness or instability
  • Popping or crunching noise

Advantages of knee replacement:-

  • Painless
  • Life Back to normal physical actions
  • Correction of deformity

Let’s Conclude

Dr. Kunal Patel is a Consultant Orthopaedic and the best orthopedic surgeon for knee replacement in Mumbai. His medical education was performed by the prestigious Topiwala National Medical College (TNMC) and also B.Y.L Nair Charitable Hospital, Mumbai. He passed all examinations in the very first attempt and obtained distinctions in several subjects.

For his post-graduate practice in orthopedics, Dr. Patel transferred into the city of Pune. In Hardikar Hospital and Sushrut Medical Research Centre, one of the earliest Orthopaedic-speciality hospitals in the country, he had a chance to train with some of the best surgeons including Padma Shri Dr. Sharad M Hardikar, and it was there that he found his interest in the research. He’s presented numerous Regional and state-level papers and posters in various fields of Orthopaedics.

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