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Joint Preservation Surgery in Mumbai

Joint preservation surgery in Mumbai

Nowadays, Joint preservation surgery is one of the emerging fields in orthopedics which is clearly an indication of the joint replacement technology. The doctors who do these surgeries are called orthopedic surgeons who prevent young patients from osteoarthritis or other degenerative conditions.

The main work of these surgeons is to find out the main cause of pain and deliver a range of contemporary solutions by which they lead a happy life. The procedure of joint preservation surgery is selected depending upon the injury, age, and expected activity level.

The most common form of joint preservation surgery in Mumbai is arthroscopic which is indicated by pain in the knee. In this surgery, the doctors have to remove various parts of the knee which are inside the body like: –

  • Irritated synovium
  • Scar tissue and contractures
  • Offending bone spurs

While doing this surgery, they try to improve the patient’s motion in walking.

Let’s put some light on the joint preservation techniques which are used on those patients which have cartilage defects, and by this surgery, they will able to preserve the joints and movement will become normal.

  • Microfracture surgery

This is done by using arthroscope which is a long and thin device with an attached tiny camera to see the inside portion of the knee. Surgeons make use of a small pointed tool like an awl which is used to make small holes during surgery. By this process of surgery, the healing power surges and brings new cells in the knee to form cartilage. If you are thinking to have this surgery, then best hospitals for joint preservation surgery in Mumbai offer you world-class services and facilities which will make your movement better and comfortable.

  • Drilling

This technique is comprised of the surgical drill to make small holes through the damaged area to penetrate the subchondral bone. It is considered less accurate than microfracture as it causes injury to the nearby tissues.

  • Abrasion chondroplasty

It is used to repair a small area of damaged cartilage in the knee. During this process, the damaged cartilage is removed allowing a new one to come up on its place. It is performed with the help of arthroscope by which small incisions are done on the sides of the knee. Moreover, the recovery time of this surgery is very less compared to other traditional operations.   

  • Autologous chondrocyte implantation

It is a two-step process in which the first step is arthroscopic surgery. During this, the removal of healthy tissues is taken out from the bone area where it does not carry weight. These cells are kept in the laboratory for 3-4 weeks in the cultured atmosphere.

Secondly, the new cells which are grown are implanted through an open surgical process. A periosteum which is a layer of bone lying tissue is sewn on the area of the damaged cartilage.


The main motive of surgeons in joint preservation surgery in Mumbai is to effectively restore normal life to the patients. Every patient is different as the experts in this field customize the total history from the past and then decide the technique which is used on the patients. Other than this, factors related to age, gender, activity level, and innumerable others are also considered while doing the surgery.

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