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Precautions after Knee Surgery

Precautions after Knee Surgery

Normally knee injury can be overcome by some normal medical treatment, pain gels, exercise and taking rest. But sometimes, all of these alternatives do not work to eliminate knee injury and in that condition doctors consider for knee surgery or knee replacement surgery. Dr. Kunal Patel is the best surgeon for joint injury in Mumbai and he will give you proper guidance about precautions after knee surgery.

Recovery time of surgery can vary depending on the individual and the type of surgery carried out. It is important to follow the advice of doctors that gives you on looking after your knee surgery.

Here is a list of following tips for precautions after knee surgery: –

  • Take prescribed anti inflammatory that help to manage any pain and swelling.
  • Use your walking aids whenever you want to walk or stand but don’t give extreme burden on your knee.
  • Don’t sit with your crossed legs for 2 months of after your operation.
  • Don’t put a pillow underneath your knee when sleeping because this can results a permanently bent knee.
  • Raise your leg when sitting and use ice packs, if you feel swelling.
  • Do not kneel on your knee until your surgeon says you can do it.
  • You should continue your exercise that your physiotherapist tells you.

If you properly follow the precaution that is given by your surgeon then you will be able to do your normal activities in daily life as soon as possible. Dr. Kunal Patel is the best doctor for shoulder surgery in Mumbai. He has vast experience of work is this field and performs many successful operations. His main aim is to give you the best treatment to his patients and provides the best quality of care and attention.

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Precautions after Knee Surgery

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