How we make our bones healthy
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How we make our bones healthy

How we make our bones healthy

Bones are essential block of our body upon which our body stand. Our skeleton system plays very important role in our life. In our life, we hear some cases in which bones get injured or damaged by accidents, falling etc. And people who face this circumstances feel hard to move, stand, sit according to cause of injury. Therefore, it is very important to look after our bones.

Dr. Kunal Patel is orthopaedic specialist in Mumbai, basically expert surgeon of knee and shoulder arthroscopy and replacement surgery. He always preferred their patient that precautions, proper diet and health tips work more than supplements and medicines recommend by doctor. He wants to share some tips on how we make our bones healthy. According to his experience in this field firstly they prefer exercise to protect and strengthen your joints. Squats and lunges, as well as certain exercises with weights, can help strengthen quadriceps and reduce the pressure on your knees. Weight-bearing exercise such as walking also helps maintain bone density, no matter what your age. However, note that running and other high-intensity exercise can damage joints and ligaments, leading to inflammation, pain and, eventually, arthritis. But don’t over exercise. Make a exercise priority.

Take supplements and boost your calcium consumption. Vitamin D and vitamin K is best for bones. With all this things take sun bath as well.   Eat green vegetables as these vegetables contain potassium and minerals. Strictly say no to caffeine because excessive amount of caffeine increase chances of fracture. Avoid soft drinks or drinks that contain soda because these affect your bone health.

Beside all above things if you feel uncomfort or pain in your bones  and rest of all tips not working then please don’t ignore your problem. Immediately consult a orthopaedic specialist. If you having shoulder or knee problem and you try various alternative methods then you have to go for knee surgery or arthroscopy.

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How we make our bones healthy

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