Top 10 Arthroscopic Surgeon Mumbai
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Famous Arthritis Specialist Mumbai

Top 10 Arthroscopic Surgeon Mumbai

Dr. Kunal Patel is your best arthroscopic surgeon in Mumbai. His very best treatment and individual dealing strategies make him best among the amounts which recorded his name on the very first rank in the top 10 Arthroscopic Surgeon Mumbai.

Together with arthroscopic surgeon, he is also a renowned orthopedic surgeon as well as an orthopedic consultant.

Until now, he’s performed various successful surgeries. He has a glorious experience of over 10 years within the business of arthroscopy as well as orthopedics. Dr. Kunal can also be referred to as an orthopedic specialist at Mumbai.

Basically, arthroscopy surgery is a surgical procedure in which your doctor uses an arthroscope (a tiny camera) which is connected to the display or monitor in the surgery room and helps to visualize and diagnose the issue within the joint.

The arthroscope is inserted through a tiny incision of 0.5-1cm approximately on the skin. There are many advantages of arthroscopy surgery as compared to open surgery for example Little incision as compared to open surgery, there are fewer scars or marks in an arthroscopy operation, there is less prospect of infection as compared to open surgery and very less bleeding occurred in an arthroscopy surgery as compared to open surgery.

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Top 10 Arthroscopic Surgeon Mumbai


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